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BY Kenneth Samuel


To every individual investing time, money and forget about family, friends and pleasure to achieve a particular goal at any point in time, should be a final year student carrying out research on any project topic to investigate exiting problem and provide a solution or suggestion to solve the trend problem.

Project topics for final year student in Nigeria and every student in African country carrying out a scientific approach to obtain relevant information to back up research, must understand WHY research is important, REASONS for carrying out the student final year project, WHAT is the project topics investing on and how will it solve the exiting problem with the relevant information.

No research today is new, we are developing ideas base on exiting information to generate a given aims base on personal modification and understanding at the time. As information technology advance so is research moving from one level to high and competitive platform to really prove a point that relevant ideas are added year to year as final year student passes on to the labour market as a graduate of any field of study.

Project topics for final year student in Nigeria and student all over the world give better chances to be self resourceful and educational investigator to obtain a given honors as a graduate. The sole aim of this article is to drop in mind reasons why final year project writing is important

The following are the 10 reasons why student final year project is important

  1. Self confidence: Self confidence is developed based on the amount of information about a particular study clearly understood by you.
NOTE: Whatever you believe in your heart
to be true is a reality in your life.
As a result, you then attract events,
experiences and people in your life
to match your ‘loves’ or ‘beliefs’.

Self confidence during defense as a final year student is mostly gain if you where the one who carry out the educational project research from the start to the finish.

  1. Provide job employment: To every student who finishes university fail to understand that full knowledge on research project writing can provide food on the table and serve as source of income. The area where research provides employment to student in Nigeria is having a good knowledge of Data Analysis, proofreading, structural content development, and field data gathering.
  2. Create student and supervisor relationship: To every student the most important part in schools is when you are close to a supervisor, to understand why he or she reacts that way during lecture, to know if what you think about Him or her is true or false. A good communication between student and supervisor relationship can create job mostly, create 80% attention, create room for corrections, promote educational understanding, and encourage career advancement.
  3. Strengthening your core skills:  Research give strength to clear skill involves in research process and method to apply to produce a desired aim.
  4. Provide competitive advantage: The performance between you and other student is how highly knowledgeable you present the research structure of your information. There is a difference between a final year student writing project and a year one student starting university.
  5. Provide platform to self expression: student and so many individual today in our society is faced with fear to speak out what we know and understand. Speaking to populace today among student is a problem in university which has eaten up the better part of our personality. Final year project writing provides room for self expression in the open to level up your ability to speak to the audience.
  6. Skill planning:  skill planning in research process guarantee success, project planning must start from what is my topic, which area will I research on, what is my research all about, which population is better, is case study needed?, where will I get information and who is my supervisor. Then planning will lead to success for Student final year project writing.
  7. Promote team working skill: all skill during project research in group provide room for contribution of idea, leadership mentality, content development skill, presentation skill, promotes group reading , create mutual understanding among follow researcher in final year
  8. Professional communication skills: good communication during research is mostly associated with clear symbol, sign and verbal sound to clearly inform the listener what you mean at that particular point in time.
  9. Boldness: boldness is not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff; courageous and daring. Fear of failure during defense is mostly express by student due to lack of boldness to speak out what they know and understand about the given topic on study.


Research is important and always experience by all final year student in Nigeria and many country. The project topics for final year student in Nigeria and how supervisor involve themselves to make sure its quality and content is up to the global standard of research in today educational system.

All Student final year project should value research work, give full attention, encourage team work and learn new ideas which will make them different from others.

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