Development of wireless sensor network testbed development of wireless sensor network testbed

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The needs for human to know the constituent surrounding their environment and how it affects their life; this brings the necessitation to study some phenomenon that constitute to nature such as temperature, humidity, light intensity to mention but few. With this necessitation, this project work presents an embedded wireless sensor network (WSN) prototype system for weather condition monitoring.

The designed system provides a user interface for user with the software design to access the current and past readings of the respective nodes. The network consists of a data gateway or server which wirelessly collects data from each WSN monitoring node in their respective locations. Each WSN node consists of an Atmega328p microcontroller, sensors and an Xbee wireless communication module based on the IEEE 802.15.4/ Zigbee and industrial, scientific and medical standards. Hence, the server unit allows data collection over Xbee radio frequency module and data access from the designed interface.

It is observed from the results obtained that the higher the temperature; the lower the humidity value and vice versa. The light intensity depends on the energy quality of the light ray while the smoke sensor operates in either logic low or high which represents absence or presence of smoke.

Having studied the literature, this project work design was achieved and implemented successfully using an enabling microcontroller to coordinate all the events and a star network topology was employed to enable communication via a single receiver medium..

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