Price Negotiator E-commerce Chatbot System

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This study describes a website based chatbot. This chatbot can make it easier to interact with the website. The bot understands and converses with the user in Simple Language. This chatbot is linked to an e-commerce website. This website has a variety of products with different features. The chatbot helps you to make a decision which product is suitable for you. This is especially helpful when you have not narrowed down the criteria for the product. Its functions basically like an online automated assistant.







A chatterbot or chat bot is a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users via auditory or textual methods. Chatbots can be programmed for small talk, or can also serve as a medium of interaction with users, providing them with answers based on regular questions. The chatbot understands context and delivers a response based on the message given to it. Chatbot is one of many examples of AI. Chatbots were initially designed as means of entertainment and some of them have been designed to pass the Turing Test. [1]


The other aspect to be considered is a website. Today most websites rely on menu based navigation and a search bar to provide information to the user. However websites with a large amount of content and poorly structured navigation can make it difficult for user to find the information easily and quickly. For instance if you consider an online shopping portal, it has a large catalogue of products. Browsing through the products can be challenging and time consuming given the variety of features a product can have.

In this scenario a chatbot to make it easier for the user to find information. The user has an option to chat with the bot and ask it normal questions to get responses. The chatbot has pre programmed responses, but it can work with dynamic information from a user message in order to make a relevant conversation and suggest relevant information. This is a promising alternative as compared to using search and sort based tools. In this sense, chatbot is used to visualize the contents of a corpus (i.e. samples of real world text) and to give answers to a specific domain[2], which in this context is an ecommerce website.

This paper is divided into various sections. Section II talks briefly about the existing work done on chatbots. Section III presents the concept of the project, and what it entails for an end user. Section IV describes the various components involved in the project, while Section V briefly describes the working of the project. Section VI concludes the paper, followed by references.


1.2              Statement of the Problem

This research work is carried out to design and develop price negotiator ecommerce chatbot system; the proposed system will be aimed at reducing the level of customers’s dependency on physical chat.



Price Negotiator E commerce Chat Bot System introduced a system that makes the e-commerce sites to have their works in efficient manner. This E commerce Chat Bot System project would helps to automate the online selling and negotiation based on price of product. Customers will be able to perform the following functions:

  1. To allow customers interact by asking questions.
  2. To provide possible answers to the questions from customers
  3. Analyse chatbot system.

1.4     Significance of the study

The significant of these study includes the following:

  1. It makes selling and buying easier and more interesting to customers in the sense that one can purchase products from the comfort of his or her home.
  2. Its improve the knowledge of seller’s strategies (i.e. how to adjust, in what order, typical mistakes and remediation,)
  3. It improve the standard of selling.

1.5     Scope of the Study

This study takes overview on ecommerce chatbot system. Due to time factor, we will be focusing on negotiation since we have so many areas of study. Implementing all the fields of study will take several months before it is successfully implemented, that is the major reason why we are limiting our research to only one field of study which is price negotiator.





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