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Chapter One



1.1 Background of the study


Configuring a network of computers is more and more complex as environments become heterogeneous. Also the number of supported services needed to be configured increases. The project Verified Network Configuration (VeriNeC), founded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, shall simplify network configuration. Therefore computers are configured automatically. AnotheraimofVerinecistohelpconfiguringsecurenetworks.Forthispurpose asimulator checks whether the network fulfills the desired behaviour. If the simulated network behaves as desired, the configuration data can be distributed to the target computer.

The automatic configuration of Linux machines is quite simple as the configuration is based on files. So the text files with the configuration data can simply be stored to the appropriate directoryinthefilesystem.TheconfigurationofWindowsmachinesonthecontraryismostly based on are gistry. Therefore another solution to configure network services must be found.


1.2 Problem Statement

The problem that with which the researcher was confronted with is windows machine configuration. The researcher encountered major difficulty and stress when attempting to configure windows machine manually.


1.3 Objectives


The aim of this research paper is that Windows machines can be configured automatically through Verinec. To achieve this, the project Verinec must be understood, particularly the translation process. Then a research is made on how Windows can be configured remotely using a Java Application Programming Interface (API). Based on that research, the Windows translator will be implemented. Therefore translation files will be create dusing thee XtensibleStylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT). Then the distributor will be implemented. It should be universalforallservices configurable through WMI, also for those not yet supported but which follow.

TheresearchismadegloballyandtheconfigurationoftheEthernetcardwillbeimplemented. There is also are search on how the user account management is handled in Windows, but this will not be implemented.



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