Top Reasons to Learn Coding in 2020

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Top Reasons to Learn Coding in 2020


Whether you’re looking to make a major career change or just to have a little bit of fun, the best way to do that is by learning to code!

There are countless reasons why somebody would want to learn how to code and even more reasons why everybody should want to learn how to code. The growth rates for the technological fields are among the highest on the market, with specialty areas such as advanced manufacturing and robotics experience growth rates at nearly 200%!

This is all not to mention the fun and utility that you could potentially derive from a life of coding, whether as a hobby or as a profession. So let’s take a quick look at a few of the top reasons to learn coding in 2020!

Coding Is an Explosive Career

According to a new report published by Facebook, there will be an estimated one million empty job openings for software programmers in 2020. That means that there will be an almost unending supply of possible job sites to which programmers could apply, rendering fulfilling employment a near certainty.

In addition to the high likelihood of finding employment, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of 2017) estimated that the annual salary for software developers was $105,590, which amounts to more than $50 per hour. Moreover, the growth rates for software developers on the market have also been exploding.

In 2017, the BLS estimated the growth rate for software developers to be 21%, which is “much faster than average.” There are even experts who believe that this growth rate is liable to increase with each passing year, as previous growth enables future expansion.

Coding is Fun

Simply put, coding is an enjoyable way to pass the time. If your goal is to create an app to help you organize your daily routine, then you can find fun and interesting ways of doing so through the use of Python or even Pygame. There are even ways to create coding games for kids that are as educational as they are entertaining this way.

Of course, many people who want to learn how to code do so because of the professional applications of coding skills; however, even these professional applications can prove incredibly entertaining. That said, there is an incredibly learning curve to the world of programming.

At first, you might find that you’re spending hours sifting through lines of code just trying to figure out what symbols mean what, but it’s the same when learning any language. You start by learning the letters, then the words, and the next thing you know you’re logging hundreds of hours on a video game or a new user interface for your website.

Code Is Everywhere

There are millions of reasons why you should learn how to code. All you have to do to find them is look around. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed, almost everything you do has been made possible through the use of software and, of course, the code that powers it.

That’s why people often say, hopefully in jest, that the best way to control the world is to learn how to code. A working knowledge of code and a diverse array of coding skills and tricks can help you to create the world that you want to see without you having to wait and hope that somebody else comes up with the same idea later on down the road.

Coding Helps Build Mental Skills

Coding isn’t just about software. Yes, the obvious purpose of obtaining coding skills is to put them to use in the creation of software, programs, apps, and other creations, but coding practice in general can bring you a wide variety of additional benefits as well.

Science has shown that coding for kids results in increased mental acuity in the fields of math, science, and even the creative arts. Part of that stems from the fact that programming is a science and science requires a good deal of math, but creativity plays a huge role in the success (or lack thereof) of a person’s code as well. So, in order to build interesting, useful, and functional code, creativity is key.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of reasons why you should learn how to code in 2020. However, the wealth, enjoyment, and ease of employment that you could potentially derive from a life of code do speak for themselves.

The world is changing! Each day, more and more people rely more and more heavily on technology in order to carry out life’s basic functions and to improve their quality of life to a level never before seen in the history of the human race. With a firm foundation of coding skills and practice, you can easily cement yourself at the center of that progression.

Top Reasons to Learn Coding in 2020


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