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This passenger manifest information (PMI) is a kind of records that help individual flight to organized their passenger in a flight. This record in the flight. This record help them to know the members of passenger in the flight, without their records they can known the numbers of passenger in the flight. So the passenger manifest information contained the:

(1) Full name

(2) Date of birth

(3) Social security number

(4) Emergency contact

(5) Telephone number

From passenger traveling on flight with sosoliso airline (e.g., during the sosoliso airline disaster family assistance act of December 10th 2005. this law was passed to address the difficult associated with notification of the families in the aftermath of sosoliso airline crashes). This proposal is also being issued to fulfill a recommendation contained in the initial and final report of families that has be affect in the crashes. This passenger manifest information (PMI), is used to point out identify data elements  that may point to a passenger who represents a security risk. Once highlighted, analytical specialists can them manually review these records and identify those  passengers who should be subjected to additional screening upon their arrival.


This study is all about the passengers manifest information (PMI) which is a records of individual passenger in the flight.

The researcher visited sosoliso airline and find out that the passenger manifest information contained the records of passenger (e.g., full name, date of birth and or social security number, emergency contact and telephone number). Which help them to organize their flight.

The examination of the existing system to determine what must be accomplished and the best method of accomplishing the necessary operation is know as SYSTEM ANALYSIS. The stages involved in the system analysis are listed below.

(1) The type of processing to be done by the system

(2) The input data “captured’ for the system 

(3) The output required

(4) The file which could be kept and used

(5) The nature of processing i.e. its logic procedure stage and frequency.


The researcher visited sosoliso airline and find out that the passenger manifest information (PMI) contained the records of passengers, which help them to organize their flight.


This data is used in this research work were collected from primary and secondary source hence, they comprise of the following sources:

(1) Direct interview in (sosoliso airline)

(2) The internet

(3) Unpublished books (project)

(4) Pamphlets of general knowledge.


The researcher use the method of unstructured interview to carried out the research to know about the passenger manifest information in sosoliso airline. It ash one of the staff in the engineer department, the researcher know that the passenger manifest information contain the name, date of birth, contact address etc, of a passengers that booking for ticket to travel in a flight in the sosoliso airline company.


The researcher used this material to carried out it’s project work. This material are:

(1) Sosoliso airline company (engineer department)

(2) Unpublished books (project)

(3) From the federal register: March 13 1997 volume 62, number 49. online via GPO access (

(4) Presented by the IATA: Agenda items: facilitation and security of travel documents and boarder control 2.4: advance passenger information (API) airline reservation system and passenger name record (PMI) access by states.


The necessary input to the system includes the following:-

(1) Full name

(2) Date of birth

(3) Social security number

(4) Emergency contact

(5) Telephone number

The full name of individual passenger that booking for the flight indicates the records of passenger that travel in sosoliso airline.

The date of birth. Is the day that the passenger was born in that particular city or country.

The social security number: is a kind of information that no two person have it belong to one person alone.

Emergency contact: Is the places of the passengers that booking for the flight in Sosoliso airline.

Telephone number: This is a kind of information that can be used to reach the passenger that booking in sosoliso airline of this is globalization network that has be used to reach people in different places. Below is a diagrammatic representation of the passenger manifest information in Sosoliso airline Enugu”.

Where are you going?

I’m flying: from To

Options: class

Return one way

Class: Economy first class


Leave: Day month morning coming back: Day month evenining number of passengers:

Adults (over 12 years) 1 children aged 2 – 12 years 0 infants under 2 years 0


First name:


Children name (if any):


The process involve the transformation of available input data inot useful output in this particular study, this entails matching projects with their appropriate passenger manifest information in such a way as to satisfy the criteria of requirements and suitability: Thus, a project is picked from the scheduled proposed project list, its passenger information requirements matched against the passenger manifest information attributes of various location until a perfect already obtained. If a similar project already exists in the location that matched another and they may be good match is used a s a substitute site for the project.


After processing using the necessary input data, the output from the system include: the passenger information such has, full name, date of birth emergency contact, social security number, and telephone number.


The existing system has numerous disadvantages and inherent dangers.

(1) Basic Approach: Passengers would be defined broadly to include confirmed, ticketed passengers as well as standing bys, walk-ups, lap infants, those rerouted from another flight or our carrier, and non-revenue passengers. At this time, we expect that the sosoliso passenger manifest information would consist of passenger:

i. Full name; 

ii. Date of birth (DOB)

iii. Social security number;

iv. Contact name

v. Contact telephone number.

 Further, we envision the information would be transmitted to the department of transportation (DOT) and the national transportation safety board (NTSB) as soon as possible, but no later than three hours, after the sosoliso disaster.

(2) Frequent flyer information and a sosoliso passenger manifest information requirement. We understand that more extensive passenger information is kept on hand for frequent flyers, and that frequent flyers account for over one-half of all passengers traveling in sosoliso airline.

(3) Privacy considerations and fraud issues. What privacy issued are raised by a sosoliso passenger manifest information requirement as outlined above? Will manifest information be subject to subpoena by private litigants and law enforcement agencies? What fraud issued, if any, are raised by implementing the above sosoliso passenger manifest information requirement? What are the implications for personal privacy that would result if sosoliso airline were required to collect any of the following information from passengers: full name, date of birth, social security number, emergency contact and phone number? What types of safeguards, if any, should be placed upon the passenger manifest information that is collected by sosoliso airline.

(4) Coverage of sosoliso passenger manifest information requirement and the differing implications, if any, for different types of airline that would be covered. We envision and charter operators would be covered by a sosoliso passenger manifest information requirement”, scheduled and charter airline, as well as air trails and commuter.


(1) It satisfies the user requirement at the right time with in an acceptable level of accuracy

(2) It provides an effective security measure in order to avoid loss of stored data in the master file and also avoid fraud.

(3) It provides an adequate coding system to aid identification, comparison sorting, unification and elimination of ambiguities (error).

(4) It provides check and control, which are capable of detecting and dealing with exceptional circumstances and errors.

(5) It provides an adequate insight on policy matter and their effects on the passenger manifest information requirement system.

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research

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