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1) Background/ Problem Statement

Organ donation is the donation of biological tissue or an organ of the human body, from a living or dead person to a living recipient in need of a transplantation. Transplantable organs and tissues are removed in a surgical procedure following a determination, based on the donor’s medical and social history, of which are suitable for transplantation.
Considering the anomalies in the existing system computerization of the whole activity is being suggested after the initial analysis. The event of not finding a suitable medical team for the operation or a convenient route for the transportation would no longer represent a dramatic problem.
This Python-based system will help users to get organ donors and doctors. This system has two entities namely, Admin and User. Admin can log in using credentials. This system has been developed to help patients requiring organs get in touch with donors. This project is developed using Django Framework with Python as the programming language.

2) Working of the Project

In fact, with the matchmaking tool producing a list of potential recipients, the experts would have now to deal with a restricted number of possible receivers and undertaking another matching process would be easier. Moreover, the system could be designed in such a way to exchange information with the other tools and take into account their results, producing a result which is already suitable under the three points of view.
Even in the case of multiple organs to be assigned, the process would turn out to be more efficient, since different software tools (one for each organ/medical team/route) could work in parallel substituting human beings and producing results with less cost in term of human resources involved. The proposed system is accessed by two entities namely, Admin and User. Admin needs to log in with their valid login credentials first in order to access the android application.

3) Advantages

  • Life Saver, Facilitator of Better Life
  • Ease in finding an organ donor rather than searching in multiple hospitals.
  • Quickly find the contact details of a donor.

4) System Description
The system comprises 2 major modules with their sub-modules as follows:


• Login: The admin can log in using credentials.
• Manage Organs: They can add, update, and delete organ details from the system.
• Manage Request: The admin can view the organ request list and they can accept or reject requests from users.


• Register: The user can register using their basic details.
• Login: The user can log in using a username and password.
• Search Organ: They can search for organs and see details and make requests.
• View Request: The user can view their organ request and the status of their request.

5) Project Life Cycle

The waterfall model is a classical model used in the system development life cycle to create a system with a linear and sequential approach. It is termed a waterfall because the model develops systematically from one phase to another in a downward fashion. The waterfall approach does not define the process to go back to the previous phase to handle changes in requirements. The waterfall approach is the earliest approach that was used for software development.

6) System Requirements

I. Hardware Requirement

i. Laptop or PC
• Windows 7 or higher
• I3 processor system or higher
• 4 GB RAM or higher
• 100 GB ROM or higher

II. Software Requirement

ii. Laptop or PC
• Python
• Sublime Text Editor
• XAMP Server


7) Limitation/Disadvantages
– Maintenance of the system is very difficult.
– There is a possibility of getting inaccurate results.
– User friendliness is very less.
– It consumes more time for processing the task.

8) Application – This application can be used by any organ donor, as well as hospitals can make use to get the donor as soon as possible.

9) Reference

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