the effect of mergers and aquisitions on the growth of an organization ( a case study of oando)

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Corporate growth was much desired by most companies operating in Nigeria these was because of the advantage of high profit ability to dictate to some certain degree in terms of industry and market which lead to enlargement in market share brought about by the growth made in corporate strategies used. The strategies being about the desire and expansion of Oando Plc in Nigeria. This research project evaluated M & A as a corporate growth strategy in Nigeria by determining how mergers and acquisition that offer speed to the market place and catapult to advantageous and viable positions. Agility that now sustains business growth and survival in Oando Nigeria Plc. Mergers encourages to achieve economics of scale that would arise from the operations of the resultant two or more companies. It will create a strong and more viable company with increased competitive ability and increase prospects for shareholders’ returns. It involves reduction in operating costs of company’s operation. This has lead the company as a customer focused and performance driven company that is comprised as a group of companies that symbolize dynamism, integrity, service delivery and professionalism in the energy and oil sector in Nigeria market and Africa from its origin in downstream petroleum products marketing redefined its business imperative to encompass the entire value chain in the oil and gas industry.

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