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Chapter One


Background of the study

One major emerging worrisome dimension in the Nigerian cyberspace is pornography in its various guises. Aided by technology-induced anonymity, the Internet has popularized cybersex business more than any other means of advertisement. Most crimes perpetuated on the Internet and other IT applications have been largely aided by anonymity. For instance, immoral contents can be viewed in the closet, on a laptop, on a palmtop etc. without the suspicion that any other person will know about the content being consumed. The recent proliferation of Internet-enabled technology has significantly changed the way youths consume sexually explicit materials. With the growth of the Internet, it has become easier and more ubiquitous accessing pornography (Clementina, Efetobor, and Apeh, 2015). Clementina, Efetobor, and Apeh, (2015) observed that with the penetration of Internet into Nigeria’s cyberspace in 2001, many youths have upgraded themselves into using the Internet, and this has negatively led to the pronounced level of moral decadence among Nigerian youths. Porn crept into our society beginning from playboy magazine (foreign magazine), Hollywood movies through the display of sexual scenes and then internet. The major carriers of porn in Nigeria are Internet and movies. This research seeks to investigate the influence of pornography on the academic performance of senior secondary school students in F.CT, Abuja using educational institutions in Gwagwalada Area Council as a case study of Gwagwalada area council of FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.

1.2              Problem of the Research

One of the major problems facing education sector in Nigeria is the low level of the performance of secondary school students in both local and standardized examinations. It has become a great concern for researchers, educators and all education stake-holders over the years. It was observed that students usually fail in examinations owing to many factors distracting their attention. Many social scientists that have carried out study of mass media particularly films effects have been involved in the effects to find out the relationship between media and anti-social behaviors like crime, rape, violence, abuse and sexual pervasion. In Nigeria there has been series of researches and counter researches which shows that mass media can have negative influence on students. Therefore, this research is geared toward finding out the influences of pornography on the academic performance Economics students in senior secondary schools in FCT, Nigeria.

1.3                             Objectives of The Study

This study is aimed at the following

  1. to find out the perception about pornography among students in Nigerian educational institutions
  2. to find out the sources of pornography materials among students in Nigerian educational institutions
  3. to find out the influence of Pornography on the academic performance of students
  4. to find out the consequence pornographic on students in FCT
  5. to proffer useful suggestion and recommendations in this area of

1.4          Research Question

  1. What is the perception of students concerning pornography?
  2. Where are the students sourcing pornography materials from?
  3. What are the influences of pornographic on the academic performance of senior secondary School students in FCT?
  4. What are the consequences watching pornographic firms on Nigerian students?

1.6  Significance of the Study

The findings of this study would be beneficial to the teachers, researchers, Ministry of Education, students, and educational policy makers. The findings would provide useful information to the teachers on the appropriate sources that students get pornography.

This study would also be significant in the sense that its finding would serve as reference materials for future researchers to carry out further studies in the field of knowledge under study in other Local Government Areas or education zone. Finally, the outcomes of this research would to be of immense benefits to students of Faculty of Education and Educational policy makers.

  • Limitations of the study

       In every research work, it is likely that the researcher may encounter some limitations. The researcher encountered some challenges during the period of carrying out this research. Some of these challenges include the dearth of materials for a proper and effective research work constituted a major limitation. Again, how to get the true and required information from the students through questionnaire also constituted a constraint in the study.

Finally., there was the problem of convincing the students on the primary objectives of the questionnaire so as to give the true and required information. However, the intervention of the class teachers in the schools who took time to clear the air and convince his students helped the investigator to administer the instrument successfully.


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